P&J Transport AS is an Estonian transport company, which was established in 1993. It is fully based on private capital and owned by two shareholders with equal number of shares. 1994. It became a full member of the Association of Estonian International Road Carriers in 1994. P&J Transport AS started to provide transport services in 1993. At that time, an old trailer truck, driven by the owners of the company, was used for transporting second-hand cars from Germany to Estonia. Soon, some second-hand trucks with canopy tops and refrigerator vans were purchased in the Netherlands. As the company has always aimed at providing its customers with quality services rather than just earning maximum profit, it has acquired additional vehicles meeting the current requirements throughout its activities. Today, its vehicles meet all requirements of international carriage of goods (EURO 3). The oldest vehicle possessed by P&J Transport AS was manufactured in 1998. We are not prepared to opt out when the requirements are becoming even stricter (EURO 4), instead, we are willing to acquire even better vehicles and equipment to be a reliable partner to our customers.